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Wooden Wall Clock CUBEFLOWER

Wooden Wall Clock CUBEFLOWER

£39.50 Regular Price
£31.60Sale Price

The Geometric shapes in this clock by Decotoma create a bold and striking design.. Mix and matching shapes, they created a really dynamic and beautiful composition - wall clock "Cubeflower".


Each wall clock is unique because it is made of a natural wood-veneer panel which pattern never repeats. Each clock base is hand-polished to meet the highest quality requirements. Untreated matte natural oak color. 

  • Product Info.

    Size: 43x43cm, 4 mm thick

    Quiet quartz mechanism - hands flow continuously without making a sound.

    Not suitable for outside use, as well as in very humid, dry or high temperature premises.

    Due to differences in screen resolution, colors may vary.

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